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Electric Mandolin is here!

Electric Mandolin - an irregular publication for a dysfunctional society

Our first issue features articles, short stories, reviews, photos, serial fiction, columns, poems, comics, and jokes from over 20 contributers from all around the world! EM staff includes published professional authors and artists to bring you an entertaining and attractive 'zine. Disembodied hands are not included.

Preview on the web at: http://labarc.com/EM/IssueOne.html

Full 8.5 x 11 size- 22 black & white pages - only $2 dollars for USA , $ 4 dollars internationally (price includes shipping). Subscriptions are also available.
Please visit http://www.labarc.com/EM/ for details.

Will trade for other quality 'zines - please contact ElectricMandolin@gmail.com, or AIM: Lab Arc Designs to request/arrange a trade.

Currently seeking distros to carry EM - please contact ElectricMandolin@gmail.com or AIM: Lab Arc Designs to make arrangements.

We're now taking submissions for our upcoming Issue Two. EM is open to all kinds of work - see the website for submission guidlines.

Want to advertise your 'zine, distro, website, or product in EM? Check out our low prices at:

EM's live journal community, el_man is the place for news and updates. Visit EM on the web at http://www.labarc.com/EM/ .

(( Feel free to copy and paste this everywhere you can think of to advertise our 'zine. =) Be sure to follow the guidlines of where you're posting to, of course.))
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