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What we should be working on...

Here's my idea of what we should be working on this week-ish (if yours differs, please let me know)

1.Right now, I'm working on the web issue one... and the HTML is making me crazy. I'll be doing this a while, then there's...

2. Issue one feedback/poll
I'd like to post a feedback poll on what people thought of print issue one on the el_man comm, and also email it out to contributers. Then I want to do the same thing for the web issue when we're done with getting that up.

subscription/index/etc. pages and getting the paypal buttons all nice and functional

Just keep up the good work processing those poetry/prose/etc submissions =)

There's been a couple of comic submissions already. One is from Matt Rhodes who did a comic in our first issue- he's sent in a list of URLs with his latest comics - so one of those can be picked for Issue two and a letter sent letting him know which one when you get a chance. There's also been a comic submission from someone whose name escapes me at the moment.. that is... um... a little special. It involves gnome sex, and it's really not all that funny. So yeah, if you want to reject that one, please feel free.

1. We need to draft up an ACCEPTANCE and a REJECTION letter to keep on file at EM email.
So if you have ideas for what that should include, or want to run a rough draft by, please let us know...

2. Find some advertisers for issue two.
Ideally, the new advertising rates will go up on the web soon - if you need to know what they are, contact Aus. But yeah, we're looking for advertisers. Other 'zines, workshop groups, cafes, poetry groups, websites... anything goes, as long as they want to give us the cash. More advertisers means less money I've got to pay out of my pocket for the print run... I'd like to get out of the red on this asap, 'cause I'm a poor poet and I don't have all that much to give.

3. Find communities/websites in which to advertise EM.
Places 'zine and writing related, general advertisement communities... let's figure out where we can spread the word about EM, so that potential readers, subscribers, and contributors can find us.

4. Draft an EM advertisement and start posting it to said communities/websites.
Basically, we want them to know what EM has to offer, what our guidelines are, and that we are looking for contributors and advertisers as well as trying to sell our first issue. I'd like to start actively seeking submissions on November 1st (Monday)

5. EM swag...
Art department, we could use a banner or a button, or some icons, or whatever... that people can use on their LJ's, websites, etc. to help spread the word about EM. I'm also thinking about the possibility of printing up some Electric Mandolin stickers (bumper stickers?) with the logo and web address on them to help the word circulate.

6. EM hype...
Just start thinking about this. What would get people more interested in EM, and create more of a presence for us? Contests? Games? Activities? One thing I considered having in every issue was a word find or crossword puzzle... but I haven't any idea how to create those. I'd also like for the website to have more interactivity if we can figure it out - like a form to send your question in directly to Bruno, an EM message board, a form to suggest what CD we should review next, or a feature we should have, etc...

I need to figure out how the heck these 'distro' sites work, and whether or not it would be advantageous to involve EM in some of them.

We're all here now! Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow EM staffers, post a post with your ideas/questions/concerns/etc.
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